Pirates of Panto

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Pirates Of Panto

Zac Sparrow has just sunk the ship of Captain Spongebag Roundpants; the meanest nastiest pirate in the world and pinched his treasure map. He then discovers that Spongebag has survived and wants his map back, so he sets sail immediately for the Caribbean to dig up the treasure. When his mother Stella discovers what has happened, she decides it would be safer to set sail with Zac rather than stay and face Spongebag. Also tagging along are Zac’s lazy brother Bobby, Zac’s girlfriend Molly and her father Squire Flinders.

Meanwhile, Spongebag acquires sailors Poop and Deck, who join him and his surviving crew members Skull and Bones. The pirates manage to blag their way onto Zac’s ship and enroute to the Caribbean, they take over the ship and throw everyone overboard. But Zac saves the day and they all end up on the Island of Discomania where the treasure is buried.

The island is ruled by Queen Chaka Khan, a royal disco diva. Zac’s party set off for the gold and eventually they reach the Great Arch of Conscience. After dancing the sacred dance and striking a deal with the High Priest of the Great Arch, they acquire the gold and return to the native village to look for a way to get home before the pirates reach them!

Set sail for fun and adventure on the high seas!

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